Things I have learned

As anyone that reads my blog knows i am diabetic. I also have a genetic condition that has caused a host of health problems. Including morbid obesity.

Some of my family are both gluten and lactose intolerant. And some are vegetarians. Some eat salt some don't. All of this effects my thinking and my cooking.

I have, over the years, focused on carbs, sugar and lactose. So most of my insights are in that area.  The nondairy milks eliminate lactose entirely.  They reduce fats and calories substantially.

I use the nut milks almost every day.  I use almond, unsweetened and unflavored, in any desserts that need milk.  I make a gorgeous coconut banana pudding with almond milk and Splenda to use in my banana puddin. No one ever knows it is sugar and lactose free.

My Dads fave is a blueberry cream cheese refrigerator pie.  The crust is made of toasted pecans and Splenda. The filing is cream cheese, almond milk, Splenda and vanilla.  The topping is just reduced blueberries and (you guessed it) Splenda. No sugar, no gluten and low carbs.

In savory dishes I prefer cashew milk.  Also unsweetened and unflavored it is a more neutral flavor.  I use it in my grits for a much creamer end product. Charles loves it.  Trust me when I tell you no one wants to mess with a southern mans grits! This reduces the carbs. Also again there is no lactose.

You will find these substitutions in my cheese cake, my sauces, all the puddings.  So much more.  One caveat, I can't drink these milks and they NEVER go in my coffee!

I know, I know from the posts on this blog it looks like we eat nothing but fried chicken and chocolate cake. In truth I try to make sure that what stays home with us is more healthy. But I occasionally splurge.  On a family favorite or a recipe I am trying to perfect.

We can not eat that way every day.  No one could.

When there is an event coming up I go to my happy place.  Becoming a bake sale ninja!  Lol!

PS: I cannot access my photos right now. Sorry!


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