Okay, OKAY! I ♥️ cartoons!

I took a National Geographic quiz on Facebook. Two truths and one lie about common animals.  As I go through it I am getting them all right. Yea! Way to go!

Okay I got one wrong.  That was just an accident, I hit the wrong key, (that is my story and I am sticking to it!).

Then I come to the realization that the answers are coming to me in cartoon characters I watch on week days. Okaaay. Hmmmmm!  I got ALL these answers from cartoons!  ALL OF THEM!!!

Let me catch my breath. Cartoons? Well at least PBS and the Disney Channels can be safe in the knowledge that their educational programming is working! Lol!

Wild Kratts  on PBS. Two real life brothers, Martin and Chris Kratt, traveling around the world with their friends in a turtle shaped flying lab. The Tortuga. They investigate 'creature powers' . The unique characteristics that define that animal. All the while saving the critters from the bad guys.

Then on Disney there are the Octonauts.  All the under sea explorers are humanized animals.  For instantance Captain  Barnicals is a strong polar bear.  The medic, Peso, is a penguin and their dare devil pirate, Quasi, is an orange house cat with an eye patch.

With their friends, they live in a huge under water exploration vehicle.  The Octopod. They skitter around the ocean in smaller vehicles like the Gup-E. Get it? Guppy.  Gup-E! Get it?

Both these programs are designed for the pre-school group.  It works for me because, like most small kids, I am a visual learner.  This is also why I will download the video of a recipe even if I print the recipe itself out.

So, yes, I love cartoons.  Educational cartoons!  Once again that is my story and I am sticking to it!


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