I LOVE coffee!  Today I am sipping a new brand.  Godiva.  I am aware that Godiva makes the most beautiful chocolates.  I did not know they had expanded to coffee.  I am so glad they did!

Charles brought me a bag as a pick me up!  I am more than a little sluggish these days.  A change in my pain meds has turned me into Rip Van Winkle.  LOL.

Thanks Charles this chocolate truffle coffee is perfect!


Stephen Stokes said…
Hi Mercy. Did you leave a message on the Ancestry website way back in 1999 asking about your great grandfather? If not please accept my apologies... but if you did I've got a fairly extensive family tree of the Toshach family going back into Scotland via England. That would make you my fifth cousin once removed and our common ancestors would be the Reverend Charles Toshach (born 1751) and his wife Sarah Cummin (born 1766).
Mercy T. said…
Hello Cuz! IN discussing this with my Dad he reminded me that a portrait in oil of The clergyman Charles Toshach hangs in his living room.

There is also a second Toshach portrait painted about the same time. He participated in one of the Wars and lost his arm. Dad will remember his name.

So nice to hear from you!
Mercy T. said…
Stephen, Please forgive my potholed memory. The Second portrait I spoke of is James Toshach. It is also a much later painting as he lost his arm in the Crimean war. The family story is that he lost it in the battle of the light brigade. Can't prove it though.

BTW: you have 3 more cousins. Charles, Edward and Sally all my siblings.

Stephen Stokes said…
Hi Mercy. Apologies for my tardy response to your last message.

I too have a picture of The Reverend Charles though unfortunately in my case it is only a computer scan of somebody else's picture. I wonder if it's the same portrait?

I know of a Toshach who lost his arm in the Crimean war. He was also called Charles (born 20th August 1828 in South Shields, died 12th October 1863 in South Shields) and was your 2nd great uncle. His father, John Toshach (born 23 February 1790 in South Shields, died 14th March 1869 in South Shields) was your 3rd great grandfather and son of the Reverend Charles. John was the one time Mayor of South Shields and his portrait for a long time hung in South Shields Town Hall. He was also a highly respected surgeon. Do you have a picture of him? I could send you a couple and also a portrait of his wife Selina Mary Young. My ancestry goes through John's younger brother Robert Cummin Toshach whose daughter Sarah Cummin Toshach married Peter Watt... that's where my name starts to deviate away via Watt and then Stokes.

Your ancestor who left England for Savannah, Georgia was Arthur John Gavin Campbell Toshach. I've got some census documentation for him stashed away somewhere...

I've got stacks more information on the Toshach family tree if you're interested. I don't know if you still visit the Ancestry website but if you do I could send you a link to my tree.

Bye for now,

Mercy T. said…
My dad is so impressed! He has sent some pics. I am posting them for you today. friend me on facebook. I am the only Mercy toshach. there! LOL
Mercy T. said…
I would LOVE to see any pics you wold like to share.
Hi to you both.

Just wanted to leave a message that Rev. Charles is my wife's 5th great grandfather through his son Henry :-)

Would love to hear from you both!

Maikel Slotboom
Winnipeg, Canada
Mercy Toshach said…
Thanks for writing Maikel! Always nice to find a cousin and cousin-in-law! As you see we have another cousin through the clergyman.

Cousin Stephen, 5th cousin twice removed, is living outside London UK.

Tell youe wife I said hi!

Mercy Toshach
Hi Mercy,

feel free to add me on facebook as well (very easy to find with my name)

My wife's family left for Canada from Hartlepool, Durham, England in 1929.

Did you have any luck going further back?

All the best from your newly found relatives!


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