Rain left, Giant bugs arrived

The local news says that this has been the wettest summer in YEARS!  Now that the rain has finally stopped. . . 

Invasion of the pterodactyl skeeters!!  Just stepping out the door is apparently a declaration of war.  We are bombarded by squadrons of HUGE mosquitoes. Walking the dogs is cause for an iron supplement due to blood loss.

I have a remedy remembered from research on tea tree oil.  In WWII the Australians made a mix of water and tea tree oil to repel skeeters.  Using this blend resulted in a substantially lowered rate of malaria in their soldiers in the jungles of the south pacific.

I have this blend in a spray bottle and spray myself down every time I leave the house.  It works long enough to walk the dogs. 

The girls are another story.  Tee tree oil has a very medicinal odor and dogs HATE it.  I can't get close enough to them to spray them.  Just have to think of something else. 


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