New bacon style

Bacon . . . one of man's most perfect inventions!  The brother and I have been experimenting, over the last year, smoking our own fresh bacon.

This is our cold smoker.  Inspired by an episode of Good Eats on The Food Network.  (see 'Alton Brown Rules' 10-25-2012)

It was not a beautiful contraption but the deeply smoked meat was some of the best bacon I had ever tasted. 
cold smoked
                                         This method is a long slow process.  Since the meat starts and finishes a raw product this method can only be used in the much cooler months of late fall and winter. It is not safe in the summers in Eastern North Carolina. Temps reach 100 degrees and more.
a bacon maker!  Who knew?
But I found a second method.  Also a on a cooking show.  (Yes. . . I watch entirely too much TV!)  America's Test Kitchen on PBS.

It is a faster hotter method and the end result is  not nearly as raw a product.  Making it safer to make in the hotter months. 

In contrast to our cold smoker that takes 6 to 8 hours.  This is smoked at 250 degrees for 2 hours in our kettle grill.  It is a much lighter smoked end product but luscious all the same. 


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