Sunday, June 26, 2016


Took me forever but I got through my whole plate today!  Burnt ends, butterbeans and smoked acorn squash.  So yummster!


Our new favorite BBQ sauce has the drippings in it. Instant smokiness to the sauce. Richer too by far!

I have always used stock as my base for BBQ sauce. It never occured to me to use the drippings! Smart brother!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Southern biscuits

A couple posts ago I told about an old neighbor that made a surprise visit.  She is engaged to a nice man here in town. Hence the surprise visit.

While she lived here she tried and tried to make the biscuits she had been eating all over the south. One day she turned up at our door very perplexed.  'Why can't I make biscuits !?" She wailed.

Then we started out getting her proficient in the baking of southern biscuits.  I shared my recipe and technique.  She got it the first time.

Everytime I saw her son afterward he hugged me saying " Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

When she came in Sunday she was bursting to tell me she had made biscuits for her very southern future in-laws.  She was so pleased! They were suitably impressed.

It must be said that the inlaws were very sceptical.  After all southern biscuits are not a staple in her culture.

I was so proud you would have thought I had done it. 🎉

Monday, June 20, 2016


I always have anemia when my health takes a turn for the worse.  As a preventative I am  taking an iron suppliment and eating iron rich foods.

I have always loved chicken livers fried. But pat'e is a new creative endevour.  It came out so well!


Extra! Extra! I know this truned out well the brother LIKES it!  Now you must know Charles has been spitting out liver ever since he was a baby! Lol! I am so thrilled to have made something he eats willingly!  People he scraped the bowl clean! Wow -dee-dow!

Old friend

Four years ago we met a neighbor on the greenway.  A lovely woman from Central America. We soon became fast friends sharing meals and recipes.

Last year her job took her away.  Might as well have been 'a galaxy far far away!' This weekend she popped in to surprise us.  Bringing with her lovely flowers and mounds of fresh fruit.

With the fruit she must have cleaned them out!

Raspberrirs, blackberries and bleberries to start. Pineapple, water melon and necterines in abundance. Apples and pears in every variation.  We may have to get her a loan to get her back home! lol!

Oh so sumptious!  Yummmster!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Oh MY!

Charles found a recipe for pork streak. I had heard of it recently but have never eaten it. Time to change that!

Like beef steak it's a premium piece of meat.  With 2 veggies and a starch it made a great meal. Marinated tomato wedges and steamed broccoli. Boiled potatoes with butter. Simple dinner that made a lovely table.

Such a good dinner.  I love pork steak! Isn't it just like rib-eye?  Soooo rich!

Made a pretty, pretty plate!


Friday, June 17, 2016


The brother is out with the guys tonight.  I decided not to just do a bologna sammie. So I ordered Pizza Hut.

You might notice there is a brownie missing.  New rules dessert first!  Lol!

Love this Pizza! Pizza Huts super supreme!  Lots of meats with mushrooms and bell peppers.  Just my type of pizza!

Dinner tonight, breakfast tomorrow and snacks for the next few days!  Happy dance happy dance!

Plane old same old? Notttt reeeealy!

This is a picture of a burger on white bread and stove top mac and cheese. Plain, dull, white and uninspired. Right?  Not really!

The aroma rising from this plate gives you a hint of the goodness within.  This country white slices cradle a hickory smoked, cheese stuffed burger. Oh my!

The creamy white lump served with the incognito burger is itself a master of disguise. Whole wheat elbow noodles, creamy three cheese sauce, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, and several splashes of hot sauce.  Love this! May have more for breakfast!

Ooooh! What a thought! Bye now, my bland boring breakfast is calling me! Hee, hee!