Sunday, March 19, 2017

A beef and pork weekend!

Saturday was a beef day, roast beef. A great dinner. Along with the roast we had streamed broccoli and pene. Such a pretty table.

                                                                  Such a pretty table!  

Sunday we seasoned a huge pork belly and put it into the fridge to cure. In ten to fifteen days we will smoke it.  Almost 15 sounds of bacon for the freezer coming up! Oh so good!

                                                            Brown sugar cure 

I love a sweet and savory cure. 1 part brown sugar, 1 part kosher salt and 1/2 part cracked black pepper. Rub meat all over. In an air tight container turning every day for 10 to 15 days. Then . . . SMOKE ON!!!

I absolutely can not wait. Pardon me while I wipe the drool!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Both our girls are so much better!

Both of our little rat terriers are feeling much better.  Trixie has been suffering from an equilibrium problem. She fell often. She had an episode of spinning. Round and round and round until she fell from dizziness and exhaustion. 

When I picked her up her head continued to do circles in the air. The vet told us that a medication like Dramamine for human was the only treatment.  That and time. 

For weeks she has stumbled and fallen like a drunken sailor. Some days she had to ride with me in the wheel chair.  She stopped eating. This frightened me to no end! Finally things turned around for her.

She has the prance back in her walk. She is happily scarfing her food again. Thank goodness!!!

Lady's problem was less debilitating.  She was jealous, horribly jealous. Basically she was of the opinion that Trixie was getting entirely too much attention.  

Lady set on a campaign of interference. Actually putting her body between us and Trixie. She has been sad and morose.  

As Trixie improved we were able  give Lady more of the attention she craves. 

Since the first night of her illness Trixie has slept every night in my brothers lap. Her happy place.  This means Lady has been with me. She has had my undivided attention every night. As the weeks dragged by they both have slowly improved.  Thank goodness!

At this time we are a family of two happy dogs and two relieved humans. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Best sister ever!

I have the bestest sister ever!  I have been restocking my knitting supplies per doctors prescription. My sister has been the biggest help.

I am or was an avid knitter. I sold all my supplies when my hands gave out. Now am trying again. On a restricted budget I have been slowly getting what I need at the time.

As I searched the web for some stitch markers. I don't like the plastic ones. They snag or cut the natural fibers I prefer. The metal ones are expensive and not much easier on the yarns.  I saw some hand made beaded ones. They were pretty but not the quality I have seen my sister, Sally, make.

Sally has a beading business. She is SO talented in the jewelry she makes. I am spoiled because she makes me anything I want.  I get the friends and family discount! Lol!

When ever she needs a present for me she knows what I love in her line of one of a kind beaded jewelry.  So I knew she could make just what I wanted.

I think she must have worked night and day to get this done for me. Shades of blue beads and white metal. This looks just like me! Totally my style. 

I love it! And I love my sister! Thanks Sally!

Knitted Hood

I have started my first knitted hood. It is an add - on for any coat without a hood. The base is all cables.

I have never tried a pattern quite this complicated. The biggest part is covered with cables. A twist in the in the knitted columns every few rows.

I still have several, SEVERAL more cables to complete before I can move on to the side panels. More pics as I get further along.  

This is a practice project. The kit came with natural, undyed Peruvian wool. Apparently these sheep were a black brown.  It will go really well with a cape I have.  

I have ordered some cashmere yarn to make one for Mom. I wanted to get my hand back in before I tried a gift. You know, work out all the bugs before I move on.

It is coming along well. . . Now.  I have had to take it all out a few times and start over. Even just a few stitches had to come out to fix the order. 

I think I have this part figured out.  I should be able to knock this out pretty well. I am a morning knitter.  My hands tire about one in the afternoon. 

I have another cable in me today.  Talk to you later.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Quiet weekend

Charles, the brother, and I had a quiet weekend.  We were both tired.  I was more than a little medicated.  Charles had scored last minute tickets to the Duke game Friday night.  They won of course.

We both slept and nibbled all weekend.  Nothing to even photograph except a smattering of snow.

We all need a nap heavy few days every once in a while. NAP ON!!!

Snow is here again

Where is here? Eastern NC, USA. The snow sputters down on us like powdered sugar on a pie.

For the longest time it felt as if you could pull out a vacuum cleaner and Hoover it all away.  LOL! By late afternoon it will actually look like you did.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Memory in the real

I haven't told you the whole story of the buffet butter rolls. I mentioned I used to LOVE these rolls.  There is more to it.

When I was first diagnosed 12-13 years ago I was living within steps of one of the best buffets. Their rolls were truly awesome! Mine are getting close. I would fill them with chicken salad from salad bar, as a snack before browsing the rest of the buffet.

I was at the restaurant almost everyday. The manager and the staff got to know me by name and the manager, Dave, and the senior staff would sit with me. I was often there alone.

When they figured out I was sick, they all noticed when I missed few days. Dave would make sure I was well enough to eat. After that he made sure I had plenty rolls and chicken salad. 

Chicken, celery, onions, dill pickles, crumbled bacon and walnuts. Mayo and mustard.

Spread that on a butter roll and I was so happy! Rita, the head server, made sure someone checked on me everyday. That also made me happy.

 Don't you love it when strangers act like friends.