Saturday, October 22, 2016

New fave commercial chicken broth

Since I am home mostly 24/7 I have plenty time to make stocks and broths to use in my kitchen. And I do. When I am better and more able.

Since I am not right now I sent the brother to get come canned chicken broth. He came back a popular brand, Swanson.  I enjoy all the Swanson products. But this time I tasted a change in the flavor profile.  Ginger.  I tasted ginger in the broth.

It must be said that my colection of medications has always effected my pallet. Usually it is for the worse. At least this time it's for the better.

So for the future I will always simmer the broth with slices of ginger for an upset Tummy or an asian soup base!  Lol!

So good. Not as good as mine, of course,  but guite good!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Nanna pudding

Over this year we have had a dew things that slowed me down.  To the point that I have been unable to cook as I would like.  As a result I made no Banana pudding during the spring or summer.  Today I made the first nanna puddin of 2016!

Most everyone is aware of nanna pudddin even if they are not a died in the wool southerner.  It is a layered dish. Pudding then vanilla wafers and fresh sliced bananas.

This is repeated until the dish is filled just about to the rim.  The last layer should be pudding. 

I differ from most southern cooks.  Most use vanilla or banana pudding. Store bought or home made are both common.  I make a home made coconut pudding to build my dish.  I am diabetic so sugar control is a big deal.  I make all my puddings with nut milk and Splenda.  This takes all added sugar out of the dish.  The dairy added more sugar  calories than you can imagine.  The best thing is noone ever notices.  Even coconut oil was  used to finish pudding instead of the standard butter. Worked perfectly! 

I top the finished dish with a little toasted coconut instead of meringue  or  whipped cream.   This is one of my brothers favorite desserts. He is gonna be a happy camper when he gets home!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chemo day

Chemo day again.  Only two  more chemo after this. This is our treatment room.

There are eight chairs in each of six pods. It was late in the day so I had a whole pod to myself.  And a TV all to myself!

Much good it did me.  I slept through my shows! Home and safe now. Still sleeping through my shows! Lol!

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Hurricane Matthew has visited a blowing rain on us for a couple days here in eastern North Carolina.  For a while it really sounded as if he was coming in.

Quiet now, at 2:40 am, my mind returns first to my family and friends much more effected by Matthew. Born in Savannah Ga, Charles and I still have family all over Georgia and Florida.  Aunts and cousins as well as family of the heart. Friends so dear they are family.

At last count all were accounted for. Evacuated and safe. My thoughts now with the family of man.  Eleven are dead in the USA and 1.7 million are without power. Millions, possibly billions, in property damage.

Our local tv channels are down so I am relaying on the web for my info. The latest has the Virgiana coast being pounded with rain and 75 mph winds.

As Matthew still effects us the clean up is already in its infancy. Power crews, tree removal crews and emergency crews from all over the country are decending on our tattered coastline.  Thank you! From the bottom of all of our hrearts. . .Thank you!

The danger is not over!  Be careful! Stay safe!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rice Pot

As you know I have been under the weather.  I have made a Rice pot to nibble on.

It is just a white rice base with fresh veggies and chicken stock. What ever fresh veggies you have in the fridge will work.

I used peppers, red and green, plum tomatoes, scallions, garlic, black olives. Seasoned with ground sage, parsley and black pepper.

It keeps for days and can be reheated quickly. So good! And easy to digest.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My begonia pot is sprouting . . . LETTUCE?!?

Hey y'all.  Been away for awhile. A reaction to new chemo.  But I am back now.

While indisposed I decided to try something I saw online.  The theory is that a root end of a romaine lettuce will sprout a new head.  Apparently they were right.

I planted the root end in the begonia pot on my kitchen window sill.  Twelve hours later these little leaves jumped up.  I love it when an online hack really works!

More pictures coming as it progresses.  I really hope the begonias don't mind! They are so healthy right now. Even blooming.

I'll get another pot and some soil next pay day. Maybe a large enough pot to add more lettuce ends.

Friday, September 30, 2016

A left over plate

Last night we finished up most the leftovers from a take out dinner.  We had Bo Jangles Tuesday night and needed a jumpstart for the cold chicken.

Not that you can tell from this photo but, this is jalapeno cheddar corn bread.  Made with blue corn meal. 

Just what is needed to sop up all the cajin pintos. Yummster!

With a small piece of chicken breast and blackberry sauce. The smells are great. Berries and chilis are
A lucious combo. Trixie thinks so too.

Looks like I just did get this put away in time! Yummster!