Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jerk for dinner

Charles does his jerk chicken on the smoker. We had chicken legs in the freezer. The brother marinated the legs and I marinated tomato wedges in herbs and extra virgin olive oil.

The potato salad I made earlier had to marry the flavors some too. Just a standard southern potato salad.  Celery, onions, dill pickles, yellow mustard and mayo.

Just a quick and simple. Charles and I were both on the tired side. Yesterday he hauled me to two doctors appointments then to an early morning WalMart run today. Just things that aren't usually on our daily schedules.  

It was so nice to have a dinner come together not only quickly but deliciously. The aroma, as always, is like a sirens call. Nothing like your own personal grill master! Yummster!

A good doctor visit gone agri-provoking!

Don't you just hate it when a great doctors visit turns into a lecture? Me too! I had just found out I had lost 22 pounds in the last 60 days, my numbers were all good, then it happened. The lecture.

I happened to mention I was still so exhausted, a side-effect of the chemo. I asked if I should've been feeling some better. I know the last several months have been a big deal on my mind and body but surely my energy level should be up a little. Right? Well apparently not!

The lecture went on and on.

Take it easy.
Yes Dr.
 Don't over do it.
But just a little?
No! Are you still watching how much you lift?
Yes Dr. but...
No! Didn't we tell you it would take months?
Yes Dr.
Ok. It will get better, eventually.
Yes Dr. . .Eventually.

Grumble! Grumble! Fuss! Fuss!

I think both the dogs agree with the doctor. They never get tired of spending the entire day in bed!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Strawberries at Ruby Tuesday

Dinner at Ruby Tuesday again. Kinda the place that works best for me.  We go at least once a month.

  Charles had the 
Mediterranean salad.  That was one good looking salad. The smoke house burger is always my go to. I always save room for dessert, usually I have the chocolate sundae. But I was craving strawberries. So what could I do? I had to order the Strawberry shortcake Sundae. I know what you are thinking...Strawberries in January?  However, it was guuuuuud!

I not sure where they got these berries but they were so luscious, flavorful and just ripe. I was so happy! Yummster!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I thought I was going CRAZY.

I would wake in the middle of the night smelling warm popcorn. I will search the house for the aroma .  No go.

I climb back in bed and there it is again! Popcorn! Again nothing in my bed to cause the aroma. Nothing except A very warm rat terrier. Lady. Asleep in the light of the TV.

I burried my face in her fur. Soft, furry and . .  Oh my goodness! She smells like popcorn! This can NOT be! But it is! Google here I come!

Apparently, when some dogs, especially terriers, are very warm the smell like popcorn or Fritos. I can't find anything that says why but they do. 

Whew! I am not crazy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Grits with Mom

I made creamy cheesy cheddar grits for breakfast today. Just add a little cream and a lot of cheddar to grits. So goooood!

While throwing this together I flashed back to Saturday morning breakfast with Momma.  Mom used to supe up the dish. I Learned to temper eggs making grits with Mom.

When she wanted to add more protein to breakfast she would finish by tempering some beaten eggs by stirring small amounts of hot grits to the beaten eggs.  Add the tempered eggs to the pot of grits. A thicker richer texture was the result.

Today I made the cheddar grits. Cream and seriously sharp white cheddar added to the grits. Rich and luscious.

I love cheese grits but they needs little something to top them off. Lawerys seasoning salt. To me it is just the right touch.

I am stuffed! I had two helpings! Yummster!

Wierd cravings

I have the weirdest cravings sometimes.  The last few days it has been the turkey dinner leftovers in the fridge. This morning I just had to have some.

Oh, by the way if our dogs ask you to "Look over there!" while they are guarding your food. . . DON'T!

This is baked dressing and corn on the cob.  My breakfast in bed today. That just hit the spot. Lol!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

First turkey dinner this season.

wow! What a spread! Charles made the juiciest turkey of his cooking career. Such a great meal!

I made dressing and gravy. It was pretty good. I also tried to copy the corn our dad made this summer while they were here.

The corn on the cob was streamed until it was tender.  Then browned in butter.  So, SO good! It was just right. No butter or salt needed at all. 

That is a new feeling for me.  Corn gets butter and salt. Then end! This did not need it at all!

Sage dressing and gravy are always favorites on the table. I want more of it all! Yummster!