Saturday, September 20, 2014

New vocabulary

I noticed recently that the English vocabulary has changed massively in the last few years.  Well DUH! Right?

It occurred to me that none of my grand parents ever even saw a cell phone.  My maternal grandmother, my Mema, was never quite able to master the answering machine much less a smart phone!


The last message she left me went something like this. 

"I hate these machines! Mercy this is your grandmother.  Call me when you can. Thank you.  Forever and ever amen!"

We listened to a lot of Randy Travis back then. lol! I hate to think what Mema would have done with an IM or a text!

Now my maternal grandfather, my Grand-daddy, would have taken to this like a fish to water. Grand-daddy was a tinkerer, an inventor and a shrewd business man.

The only thing that might have slowed him down is the jargon.  Video chats, jpegs, skype, kilobytes, blue tooth or wifi might take a minute for Grand-daddy wrap his mind around.  Then . . .Look out!

I can totally see him in his work shop creating a fishing lure flash drive! LOL! After that?  Why a hand held super computer to plug it into, of course!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Burrito night, at last

Burrito night was an evening of highs and lows. Rats!

Home made fresh salsa was a hit. Charles' purple tomatoes gave it a darker color and a richer flavor.

The burrito roast was FABU!  Tender, juicy, flavorful and most of all easy!

Burrito Beef

1  3 to 5 pound chuck roast
2 cups red salsa
1 cup green salsa
1Tbs cumin 
1tsp garlic powder
1tsp hickory smoked sea salt

mix together the three spices into a rub. Rub the meat all over.

Place meat in a dutch oven. Cover with salsas.

Cook in a preheated 300 degree oven for 3 hours. 

DO NOT OPEN OVEN! Don't check the meat. Leave it alone!  

After 3 hours the roast will shred with your fingers. The salsa will have reduced to a thick sauce. Stir the shredded meat into the sauce and serve.

The refried beans were also simple. 1 pound cooked pinto beans and a tablespoon of cumin.  I like my refritos a little chunky so I puree only half the beans.  leaving the rest whole for some texture.

Those were the highs.  The lows were the tortillas. They dried out and crumbled to pieces. Guess we will go to the store for ours!  Rats!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mystery items

In the box our aunts sent there were 2 items that were something of puzzle.  Glass pieces that had handles and a convex top. 

I posted them on line at a site that specializes in identifying  antiques and such.  Every one said they were a child's toy.  Specifically a spinning top.


I thought glass was a poor choice for this toy.  So I remained unconvinced.

I posted the pictures with my friends on Google+ and again I was getting tops. Until my friend Phoenix showed me the light.

He was the only one that realized I had them upside down.

They are decorative glass mushrooms!  Thanks Phoenix!  This could have messed with my mind for years!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Memories in a box

Recently my paternal aunts, Ruth and Sissy, consolidated homes.  There were several things that were too precious sell but had no place in the combined home.

A lot of these thing were from my Aunt Sally, my dads third sister.  Though in her working life, as secretary to several American ambassadors, Sally worked all around the world, most of her time was spent in the far east. 

Hong Kong, Singapore but she spent a lot of time in Damascus and Cameroon too. I loved to hear of Sally's  travels. The pretties she shared with the rest of us were always a hit.

Wonderful games and toys, jewelry and fashion, and home decor.  Sissy and Ruth packed boxes of these treasures and shared them with us.

The box that they sent me and Charles had several pieces of oriental ceramics. A bowl made of coconut.  and my fave a small wooden carving of a street vendor.

He carries his kitchen on a yoke over his shoulder. On the right hand side is a ceramic oven under that is his  stool. The left carried his cooking vessels and the like.  I have seen this before In one of my aunts homes but I don't remember which. I have always loved this carving.

It now has a place of honor on the mantel with some of the other pieces.  Isn't it pretty?

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I LOVE burritos. America's Test Kitchen has just flung a craving on me.

I was watching cooking videos on YouTube.  ATK had one for hand made flour tortillas.  Oh my!

Okay. . . I have beans. I have veggies. I have cheese. I have salsa. I don't have ground beef. Hmmm, what to do. What.  To.  Do?

I have it!  We smoked some burgers, when I say we I mean Charles, to stock the freezer.  If I grind a couple of those in the refried beans we should be good to go.

Okay.  We have a menu for one night this weekend.  Pictures will follow.  Watch this space.

Lovely morning!

This morning has dawned sunny and beautiful! My joints love the sun.  Last night was a different thing.

It started raining early in the evening. I was ok for a while. Then my shoulder and hip began acting up.  Even in my sleep I was aware nurse Trixie was on duty!

As I stirred in the night I noticed Trixie doing her hot water bottle impression.  First cuddled up on my bad hip.  Later in the night it was my shoulder she was warming.

I am always amazed how intuitive she is. She even imposes her own bed times on me when I am unwell!  Lol!
When she thinks I have been doing too much Trixie will get up on my chest, stare into my eyes. Then she cries and cries and cries and cries. Very effective!

Nurse Trixie enforcing her bed rest orders! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

You ate WHAT?!?

Most rescue dogs have food issues. From food aggression to just eating anything that doesn't eat them first.

Lady falls in this last category. Usually this tendency has a few minor consequences. Last night was a little different. And a little scary!

Lady found some hickory chips meant for the grill. These are toxic for dogs. Especially small dogs.  

She purged the chips. Yuck. But was still very ill. She ran a temp, trembled most of the night. About 4:AM she fell into a deep sleep and just crashed.  

This morning the temp is gone.  No more vomiting.  That's not keeping her from milking it!

'I'm Sick! Rub my tummy!'.  Happy to! Lol