Thursday, February 23, 2017

Some nice in the middle of my doctor day

Yesterday was my doctor day. Oncologist in the morning and GI in the afternoon. In between I walked the dogs.

While I was out with the girls I ran into one of the maintenance men.  He is someone I see often and we chat.  We talk of our pets, our problems and our joys.

One of his joys is a life long love of music. He has played guitar all his life, written music almost as long,  and now he is teaching himself the violin.  He still plays and sings with several bands around.

We had been discussing a song of his at an earlier meeting. Yesterday I was walking the girls during his lunch break.

He lunches in his SUV near where he is working that day. Yesterday he was painting the rails and posts of our building.  When I came out with the girls he hopped out of his car guitar in tow.

He shared with me one of his original songs. It was beautiful.  The guitar, the vocal and the content all soulful and tender. I loved it. Trixie too! She sat at his feet.  Stareing, calm and content.

In the middle of the serenade my brother rolls up to take me to my next appointment.  I hated to stop the serenade so I didn't. When he finished told him how lovely it was.. and mentioned I had to go to doctor.

I would have loved to just keep listening. However he had work and I had doctors. I hope he serenades his girlfiend like that!

It was a lovely, lovely moment in an otherwise tiring day.

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

The last few days I have had a LOT of nausea so coffee was contraindicated. Today I woke with just a little nausea, a much brighter out look. . . And coffee withdrawals.

The shakes and a small head ache. Not horrible, yet. But it is soooo time to treat the symptoms!

Isn't the the prettiest sight you have ever seen? Steam rising from a sweet, blond mug of joe. I am so hoping it is going to stay with me. Yummster!

This is my one obsession. . . Well Godzilla movies, bread baking too. One obsession at a time.  So far I am having no problems.  As of yet.  

Here's hoping it continues that way.  Have a great morning y'all!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trixie getting better, my turn at the doctor!

Trixie is more stable everyday.  (For those of you who don't know Trixie is our 13 year old Rat terrier) Waves of vertigo still hit her every once in a while,  She is getting her prance back.  She is also getting her sass back!

She looks sassy to you right? Now I have a little bummer!

After a particularly rough bout of vomiting I noticed a largeish knob protruding from my abdomen. After today's visit to the GI doctor I feel a good bit better. 2 small hernias instead of a cancerous mass. Whew!

The doctor says there is no need to go to surgery. Yippee!  We will keep an eye on it.  If it changes we will talk about it again.  

I guess we are both better. Not too bad for a Tuesday. Lol

Monday, February 20, 2017

Trixie some better

Our Trixie has improved some. Still stumbling about but not quite as badly as before.


She guards the door and me.  Look at all the hair standing up on her back. Her heart is in it even if her legs haven't caught up! Lol!

More news later!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Full disclosure

I know I rant about bad language. But I have never told you that I am perfect. In an effort at full disclosure I had a bad day!

My right hand has moments when it just won't hang on. Whatever I am holding hits the floor. Today it was a big bowl of potatoes.

For several seconds I turned the air navy blue! The frustration of not being able to control my hand yet again just pushed me over the edge. I was so mad I refused to eat the few taters that did not hit the floor.

Thankfully there weren't any children effected by my frustrated tirade. But know this if you are the cause of my rage or if you are the cause of my pain not only might I lose my resolve but it may just be time for you to run!

Wierd cravings

I have the weirdest cravings sometimes.  The last few days it has been the turkey dinner leftovers in the fridge. This morning I just had to have some.

Oh, by the way if our dogs ask you to "Look over there!" while they are guarding your food. . . DON'T!

This is baked dressing and corn on the cob.  My breakfast in bed today. That just hit the spot. Lol!

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Ok World Wide Web you are confusing me! The things I was reading at first about Trixies condition, vestibular syndrome, held out little hope for a complete cure. Just remitting occasionally only to come back as bad as before.

Now I have found a website that says it should only last two weeks at the most. I know you will all forgive me if I hope this is the right one. I suspect the truth lies some where in the middle of all that.

Here's hoping Trixie doesn't supper too long.  She doesn't hurt at all but she is very frustrated. Trixie pushes through the dizziness and falling without a complaint.

I will say, Trixie has absolutely no problem with all the attention. Sleeping nightly with her dad.  Riding in Aunt Mercys wheelchair when her balance is way off. Lady, however, is not amused.

Always a jealous bug the amount of attention Trixie is getting with this illness has Lady begging for as much attention as possible. Awwwwww!  Love you too Lady Bug!

Poor Lady!  She was kinda feeling left out. Charles and I have both been working to make sure this pretty dog is well loved too.

Love our dogs!!!