Friday, August 26, 2016

Remember The Twilight Zone?

I was  watching reruns of an old TV series, The Twilight Zone.  I would sneak around and watch it when I was little. Mom thought it might be too scary. She was right for its time it was scary in a suspenseful kinda way.

I guess that is why I prefer a suspense story to a gore fest. Tonight for instance, the episode was about an old woman hiding from the angel of death. In the end she went with him willingly. No wonder. . . an amazing choice in casting. A VERY young Robert Redford as the angel of death.

It may be sleep deprivation talking but I could deal with that gorgeous angel of death.  Send a hooded skeleton with a scythe after me and i am in the wind as fast as my wheelchair would go! Scoot baby scoot! 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Way too quiet

Mom and Daddy had to leave last Friday. I think I may have worn them out! So sorry.

But the girls, Trixie and Lady, and I have noticed how incredibly quiet this house is without them. Both TVs blaring and I can still hear the quiet.

I'm at the bottom of a very cute dog pile . . . .again! The girls are consoleing themselves with controlling my range of motion.

 Trixie and Lady seem to be of the opinion that I have no real need to move.  Trixie  parks herself on my chest, growling at me should I even THINK of moving. Lady is a little laid back. I think she figures as long as she has my legs pinned down she is in control.  

Well, they DO think they are great danes. Too bad they are really teeny, tiny rat terriers. Lol! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sweet dinner

I had leftover baked pene for lunch so dinner was dessert! Lol!  Peach crumble.  So easy and so good.

Warm fruit with a little cinnamon and just a dash of cloves. The cumble topping sugary and crispy. When it is topped with vanilla ice cream it's one of the best things.

That wasn't a very big dinner. Maybe I'll have another helping.

Don't panic. It is diabetic friendly. While not sugar free it is very low in added sugar.  The filling has no added sugar, Splenda instead. The crumble only half the sugar called for in the recipe.  You would never ever know the changes had been made.

I love it. Charles said he is gonna buy peaches. I dare you! Hee! Hee!

Monday, August 22, 2016


Tonight Charles and Dad made dinner.  With an able assist from Mom.

Charles grilled pork steaks. The folks fried potatoes in olive oil and butter.  Then coated them in season salt! There were butter poached onions too.

So good! A nice meal.  And a pretty plate.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Todays cook

Mom and Dad headed home to South Carolina on Friday.  The house is unusually quiet. The fridge is leftoverless.

Our dad is an A1 cook. He spoiled us the whole time he was here.  I was actually concerned my cooking wouldn't stand up next to my dads. So I got up making baked pene and garlic bread.

Layers of pene and sauce, cheeses and Italian sausage.  Baked til bubbley and brown. Tip: all baked pasta needs to rest at least an hour.  The resting allows the juice inside to absorb and the dish to set.

Lots of cheese and sauce. Love love LOVE! Yummster

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Selfless nurse

Let me tell you about my little nurse, Trixie. My brother's rat terrier named Trixie has always been my caring, intuitive nurse since Charles opened his home to me.

This morning the pain from my hip and my Colon has my had my blood sugars up so i am on a protein only day.  Charles had grilled a whole family pack of chicken breasts last night. Yuuuummy! That was what I was eating when Trixies nurse came out.

Both the dogs were crying to go out. I set my lunch aside and took BOTH dogs with me to go out.  I got Trixie in her harness and turned to get Lady set up.  

The next thing i know Trixie is trotting in with my chicken breast. She laid it down beside me on the love seat. Then gave me a look that clearly said 'Finish you lunch'. No nibbles or gnashes in the meat.  She didn't eat any of it!

Under normal circumstances we would not have even been able to FIND Trixie until she had finished the whole thing!  She didn't even lick up the bbq sauce i was dipping in! 

I have never EVER seen her do this before! Especially now.  Since her pancreas problems she is on kibble and water.  

Now that is love and selflessness! Nurse Trixie RULES!

  Nurse Trixie on duty!

Ham for dinner!

The farm that grows the Cheshire Pork that we use to make our bacon, Heritage Farms, also has a fabulous spiral cut smoked ham! It was dinner tonight.

The southern summer sides are all over the south. Yellow squash with red onions and pickled salad. Oops! I forgot Dads french fries!

The pickle is just a solution of apple cidar vinegar, a little salt and pepper and some sugar.  Warm just until the sugar comepletely dissolves.  Still warm pour over salad veggies. A mix of onions and home grown tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. Let it soak for a couple hours before serving.

I love a meal that makes a pretty plate!