Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mornin' y'all

Hey y'all!  Sorry i have been away so long!

I was on my own all weekend.  So i just shut down. I got up to feed the girls and myself. Then i walked the girls. And then it was back to bed.  

I needed that!  

It's back to the real world feeling better than usual. Yee! Haw!

Friday, August 29, 2014

new mandolin

  Sunday we tried to cut some of our bacon with my sad, 20-year old mandolin.  It collapsed and begged to be retired. So we did.

The next day Charles replaced it for me.  Oxo good grips.

Every blade is contained in two removable parts. They remove easily for washing.

The big test. . . yay It slices bacon! 

Cajun bacon

Thanks Charles!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

pretty in pink

Several weeks ago I discovered that my blue tooth keyboard is NOT coffee proof.  So sad.

It took several days to find a replacement. Amazingly, coffee proof electronics are few and far between.  

They do come in pink!

It is sealed silicone keyboard. Malleable, it actually was originally packaged rolled up in a cylinder.

The actual function is a little stiffer. Not better or worse, just different.  It will take a small adjustment.

Love it !

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

lady perking up

  In recent weeks Lady and I have been kinda sad.  Just kinda out of sorts.  Lady has been just dragging. 

Her tail didn't wag.  Well it did wag for food and walks!  After all she is sad not dead.


It did concern me because she seemed to be mirroring my own feelings.  

We have talked often of Trixie and her ability to sense when I am physically unwell.  Lady knows unfailingly when I am unhappy.

Her style of comforting is unusual. She will take my foot in her paws and lick the whole foot.  When she finds the tickle button on the bottom, yikes!

Sometimes she has me in masses of giggles. This is a new trick for her. It was just in the last few weeks she found my tickle button.

This past weekend has gone a long way to perking us both up.  Family and friends descended on us with love and laughter. 

I couldn't help it.  I sang all day.  No one really enjoyed that except the dogs!

So happy to see you all!

Leftover lunch

There are leftovers from the bacon party and they make great left over lunch.

Veggies!  With penguins leading the way!

Deviled crab and pizza fingers round out the menu!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Penguins at our bacon smokin!

No!  We did NOT eat any actual penguin!  However they were represented at the snack bar.  

My sister and her hubby arrived around noon.  I was running behind, as usual.  They both chipped in with gusto!

Soon i was caught up.  Olive penguins. Tomato fresh Mozzarella skewers.  With pesto for dipping.

Accompanying the veggies is Pizza fingers! Just right for carbo-loaders!

We smoked the pork belly for most of the day. Then, just before dinner, the pork belly became the best bacon we have EVER smoked! Yumster!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pitiful just pitiful!

Things have not been the best here recently. Rain, pain and pills mostly!

Last night i got out!  YEEHAW!  I got to Wally World for a good while.  Power shopping is my thing!  

My sister and her husband as well as some friends are coming over Saturday.  I was shopping for snacks and dinner!

Afternoon snacks plus surf and turf.  Not to mention s'mores cake.  

Loved it!  Then there was drive through dinner at McDonalds!  

I was sooooooo sad!  This cheered me up sooooooooo much!

 Pitiful! Walmart and McDonalds! I don't care!  I had a great time!  Slept all the way through the night!