Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Heritage farms cheshire pork

Recently I told you about the farm our pork belly comes from. At the time I didn't have all the information I wanted to share.

They are in Goldsboro NC.  Heritage Farms has a shipping facility at 141 Arrington Bridge Rd. Goldsboro NC 27530.  919-648-4842  Also at this site they are planning to open an outlet store this summer.

I have spoken the staff that handles orders more than once. They are a pleasure to deal with and very knowledgeable about their product.

On the website Heritage Farms, www.heritagecheshire.com, has a catalog of all they offer. The brother mentioned this weekend that we need to try some their other cuts. Music to my ears!

I hope you're able to try Heritage Farms products for yourselves. You won't be disappointed!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Our favorite things

Charles and I spent today doing some of our favorite things. Charles planted and I baked.

It's garden time in our house.  Charles plants containers of tomatoes, basil, cucumbers and peppers every year. He waters day and night.  He pollenates the flowers. Then we make the best salad.

The brother also asked if I could bake a cake with blueberries.  YES! I had a read a recipe for lemon-blueberry layer cake. Topped with cream cheese frosting it was high on my to-do list!

None of the berries sank to the bottom.  Both layers are tender and fluffy. Perfect!

I also put together one of my Memas coffee cakes for Charles office.  Then he forgot to take it.  Lol! He turned up to pick it up a few minutes ago.

I Think he may have been SENT home to get it! Lol!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Curing pork belly, future bacon!

We got a HUGE pork belly delivered yesterday. Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork in eastern North Carolina is where we get the belly for our bacon. They are known for the quality of their pork all over the world. Japan especially! They have never failed us.

As I said they NEVER fail us!  I use their online store to order.

Our favorite cure is brown sugar and black pepper.  One part brown sugar, one part kosher salt and half a part cracked black pepper.

Packed in this cure the pices go on an air tight container.  Now it goes down in the fridge for at least 2 weeks  Then the smokee begins! Check back then for more pork postig.

Friday, April 10, 2015


As I mentioned I spent Saturday in the hospital a couple weeks ago.  It has left me exhausted and unable to do a lot of the things I love to do. Not to mention the things I need to do.

The doctor thinks I may have moved into fibromyalgia.  We are testing for a couple other things in an effort to rule them out.

I am forcing myself to cook and bake again. The brother is helping a lot.

I made Italian rolls for Charles' sausage and peppers.  Dinner last night. So good!

It's so nice when the house smells of our team work.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our queen

Our reigning monarch, Queen Trixie, is turning 11 this spring.  In dog years she is 77.

Our old girl looks much younger than her years.  She is active and healthy.

Recently her royal highness has decided to prepare for the time when things get a little less active.  She is training me in the proper transportation of royalty.

In the cold and rain QT, Queen Trixie, often rides in my lap. Tucked in my coat and my arm she rides safely.  On nice days she walks happily sniffing every inch of the green way.  This spring that has changed.

These days she does her business and sits directly in my path of travel. Refusing to move unless I try to go around her. Then she moves once more in my way.

Now I am not the brightest bulb in the pack but I am trainable. After almost driving Tank over top of QT a half a dozen times I realized what was expected of me.

Now she rides tucked in the crook of my arm. Surveying her kingdom from aloft.  Ahhhhhhh!  To be royal!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A taste of my kidhood

Every once in a while my dad would bring a special snack. Sometimes what I remember as german bread. A long white crispy loaf.  Tender and rich inside.

Often it was a Cross & Blackwell date nut bread with a slab of cream cheese. It was packed in a tin can.  Just enough for us all to have a slice.

Charles and I have been talking about that tin of yummy. Two days ago I found a printout of that very recipe. Betcha can't figure out what I made today.

Not bad!  Not bad at all! Yummster!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

New BBQ sauce

Tonight is the first full meal i have had all week.  Charles tried a new BBQ sauce.  We had leg quarters, cole slaw and scalloped potatoes.

So good!  The sauce is a first for us. A mustard based sweet sauce.  We discussed it and have decided it needs a little more heat. A little more tweeking is needed.

More experimentation before we share the recipe. Sorry.

Not so sorry. . . More meals like this.  I ate the skin off before I remembered to take the picture. Rats!