Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dreaming cake

As I have often mentioned I dream food.  The last several days I have been dreaming of s'mores cake.  So I set out to make it today.  The only problem. . . I have no recipe.  

This is what happens when I wing it. 

Chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, chocolate icing dusted with graham cracker crumbs.  The top is toasted marshmallow cream.

 I love it when a dream comes together!  I don't play with fire anymore.  Charles did the torch work for me!  Great job!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

spring color?

Several days ago I picked up the HUGE 3-ring binder I used for my recipes.  It exploded at the seams. Not surprising as I have been stuffing it since 1989. 

The pages escaped and flew everywhere!!  I am scrambleing to make sure I have them all. 


Charles had to go in to work this morning before heading out to Fayetteville.  He popped back in to let me know what was up.

Oh by the way. . . he just happened to be at STAPLES!
He came home with the most heavy duty binders I have ever seen.  

The binders were springy in color.  Pink, purple and orange!  Now that is not Charles' first choice of colors, but he knows its mine.  LOVE IT!

Just right.  All the recipes fit nicely.  Good Brother!  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Puppy hopes and wishes

I told you recently that the company that Charles works for has a yearly yard/bake sale for American Cancer Research.  This past Saturday they made close to $1,000.00.  GOOD JOB ALL!!

I baked all day Friday and at the end I was happily exhausted.  The girls seemed extra tired too.  

I was not sure why the dogs were so tired.  Then it dawned on me. They were, as always, my shadows as I baked all day.  For every step, or roll, I took they took four!

Lady especially is in tune with my cooking.  She knows when I bake there is more chance that I will drop something.  Lady's sweet tooth is almost as big as mine!  LOL!

got it!!

Trixie is more discerning.  She would actually rather go hungry than eat something she doesn't want.  

That being said, they both orbited me all day.  Constantly trying to be the one to catch whatever is dropped.

In the end they both had some of their wishes come true.  Trixie snatched up some bologna that escaped from my lunch.  Lady caught a wayward ginger snap in mid air.

Full and tired we all slept until noon.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My fiend . . .coffee

This morning I had to go out for a short while.  When I came back the whole house was permeated with the aroma of fresh coffee.  My best friend in the morning.

I know I talk a lot about my love of coffee.  I find it the best aroma of the morning.  Bacon is a close second but I love the coffee!  LOL! 

Coffee brings out the best in me.  While coffee withdrawal brings out my inner lioness.  GRRRRRR!

With an infusion of the rich brew my inner kitten comes purring out.

So if I am a little grumpy, or even a lot grumpy, coffee should bring out my warm and cuddly side.


Potato Revolution!!!!

Tonight's dinner was nothing special.  Roast chicken, pickled veg and mashed potatoes.  

I did try a new trick with the potatoes.  I was out of real potatoes and used the instant.  

I was out to add a little more flavor to them.  So instead of water and milk as the directions said, I used scratch-made chicken stock and cream to whip up the potatoes.  This will also work with veggie or pork stock.  Even something like mushroom stock would be amazing!

The chicken stock made a tremendous difference!  The instant potatoes were so rich that, to my mind, the potatoes didn't need butter.  (of course I did not find that out until AFTER I  floated them in butter!  Live and learn.)

I have decided.  No more dull instant potatoes!  

Join me in the Potato Revolution!    

Saturday, April 12, 2014

he'll be a baker yet!

I loved all the baking yesterday.  However my hands and arms began to tire out.  Charles jumped in to help.

He stirred up the oatmeal cookies.  Charles even helped me alternate the wet and dry ingredients as I beat the muffin batter.

He makes a fabulous bakers assistant!  Thanks Charles!! 

12 hour bake

Today, or yesterday now, has been a big bake day.  As I mentioned the bake sale is this morning.

I have finished my bake.  Just have a few cookies to pack up.

The rest is packed and ready to go.  It has been a good day.

Things like this are my fun.  The rainbow bread especially is fun to make and eat.


This makes the prettiest PB&J you have ever seen!  LOL!!