Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Slow day.

Very light snow.  Warm fire.  Sweet dogs.  Warm food.  What else does anybody need to survive a winter day?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I LOVE big knives!


The truth is i love all knives, to my brthers horror, the bigger the better. The two pictured above are my favorites.  

Both 15 inches of carbon steel. The narrow one I found online.  A french made carving knife. I think. It was made in the mid '70s. That makes it about 35 years old.

The larger knife is a family piece.  It belonged to great grandfather. My dads, dads dad.  Arthur Gavin Campbell Toshach. We never knew him because he died while my dad was still a kid. I am assuming that this knife is at least 80 and mybe a 100 years old.  

This knife has no markings.  The company and the place of maufacture are a mystery.  I see, in my minds eye, my great grandfather presiding at the table with his wife and all their kids.  Including my sweet Pop Pop.

                                    Charles 'Pop Pop' Toshach Sr.  Possibly our first grill master.

I always stop in my window shopping if I find a good knife.  There are three i covet right now. Don't worry my brother i will love from afar.

Sausage for the freezer

Love hot sage sausage.  The brother does too.  Every once in a while he comes home with flats of ground pork.  That is the definitive signal that the freeze is out of sausage.


Hot Sage Sausage

2 lb ground pork
2 Tbs ground sage
1 Tbs cracked red pepper
1 Tbs black pepper
2 Tsp corse salt
2 Tsp garlic powder
2 Tsp onion powder

Mix all ingredients by hand until all blended evenly.  

I usually store a 1 pound log on food saver bag. The other pound i make into 8 patties and freeze on parchment ans vacuum seal.

This is our favorite but you should feel free to make your favorite. 

My own grill master

Charles is my own personal grill master.  He spends most week ends grilling for us.  Experimenting with flavor and smoke Charles keeps the freeze and our bellies full.

Tonight it was spare ribs.  A perfect pairing with my baked beans and coleslaw.  So lovely.

They will freeze perfectly.  Making a plate with ribs and beans.  Shrink wrap, LOVE my food saver, and freeze.  Will be safe as long as it stays frozen. Up to two years I am told.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Learned something new.

Just learned something new about recycling.  When recycling water or soda bottles remove the caps.

Bottles. and their caps are made from different plastics.  They are recycled differently.  When bottles are recycled with their caps they are usually trashed.  The caps are separate by hand. Many recyclers don't have the man power.  Or the money to hire the man power.

So remember be a good recycler!  Remove the caps from plastic bottles and recycle them both!  

Goodies from Charles

Charles came home with bags and bags of stock making goodies last night. Chicken necks, pork neck, beef tail and smoked turkey legs. Not to mention ground pork to make breakfast sausage. Oh. . .and ribs for the weekend.

The chicken necks are roasting as we speak.

I promised Charles beans and rice for dinner.  The beans are soaking. I will make stock from the smoked turkey legs to cook the beans. 

I will be making stock for a couple days. Happy happy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Night out, the best medicine

Charles is working like a horse and I have been down with digestive woes.  Today we both needed a nice evening.

At my instagation we went to a place our grand-parents, Mema and Granddaddy, used to take us.  Red Lobster.  The food was so good! Especially the garlic cheddar  biscuits.

OOPS!  They are ALWAYS get gone before I can get my camera out! So sad!  Oh well, I also had three kinds of shrimp.

Well dog if it didn't happen again!  All the shrimp has disappeared from this plate!  Well they are in a safe  place.  

Our server, was very sympathetic.  He says it happens all the time!

I have a sneaking suspicion that I know where they went!

Hint:  They were delish!