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Breakfast of champions! Pie!

Lamb for dinner. First time ever!

Garden veggies ready for the next meatless meal

A so cute so quick knit.

Saturday dinner

Sun loving dog

Old dogs new trick

First fruits

Mortal enemy!

A knitted kitten pattern. Cute? Meh!

The brother is a baker!

Weekend wedding

Todays bake

At least I got a pic. . .

White lasagna

Goooooood news!

Sick doggie

A British Godzilla? Who knew!?

Ice cream for breakfast

Napping pillow

Sweet babies

So good! Saturday dinner!

Pork chop night!

Finished my knitted hood! Yee! Haw!

Strawberries for the freezer!

Lasagna! So Happy!

Pork chop leftovers

My fave!