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Food guardians

Broken foot, ooouuuuchie

Lady loves laundry day.

A Sibling Collaboration

Lady's super power.

Little more learning, about my health issues.

Poor Trixie!


Pepper Mint Patty Cake

Hot weather dinner.

70s Dinner throwback

Finished blanket

I got up hungry!

New chemo cap

Ratzum-fratzum ratzum-fratz!!!

Giving back

Quick dinner

Frozen memories

A McD run

Yesterdays bake

Bye bye!

Such a nice morning

Health news

Charles has done it again! I am so full!

More knitting

Knitted bunny!

Still knitting our blanket.

Baby hat!

New to me craft site.

Summer food!

Knitting: Lady LOVES it, Trixie HATES it!

I ❤️ Knitting!!!

Breakfast of champions! Pie!

Lamb for dinner. First time ever!

Garden veggies ready for the next meatless meal