About the Girls

More than once I have been asked about our dogs.  More correctly Charles' dogs.  

Trixie and Lady are rat terriers.  Trixie is 9 years old and was to the manor born.  So to speak. 
Queen of our castle.  Trixie
Charles received her as a gift when she was just a few weeks old. Instantly queen of the house, she has been reigning sweetly ever  since.  

As Queen, Trixie is automatically president of the mutual appreciation society that was formed the minute she and the brother set eyes on each other.  While I am a distant second in her view.  I am the go to girl for all things food and nap related.

Our Lady is 5 years old and a rescue.  She was less than a year old when she came to live with us. Lady had been on the street for most of her life so our house was like heaven.

Still, Ladybug had a few problems at first.  First she launched a coup on the reigning monarch.  That didn't set well with any of the inhabitants of the kingdom.  

She soon accepted the fact that she would never be Queen of the kingdom.  As Lady Toshach she decided I had way too much power.  (I was in charge of the food and who got how much.)  Meal times got to be more than a little snappish. But with discipline, determination and time out I got to keep my role as head of house.

For a long while she was very growly with me.  she seems to have decided, now, that I have my uses.  Besides food and naps it seems I make a darned good royal pillow! 

  The reigning monarchs of castle Toshach,  Queen Trixie Toshach and Lady Toshach


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