A lunch fave

Grilled cheese is one of my favorite lunches.  Home baked bread. Loads of cheese.  Slowly grilled to allow the cheese to melt before the bread burns.

The older I get the construction of said sammie changes. Wonder bread and American slices no more.

I experiment with breads and cheeses.  Not to mention add ins.

Add ins? Add crispy bacon to a cheddar on white. Carmelized onions on pepper-jack and herb bread. Slices of granny smith apple on swiss and rye. Oh my!  Oh my!

As good as they are every variation on the grilled cheese starts with cheese and bread.

Even my most simple warm and cheesy has multiple cheeses.  These are swiss, extra sharp cheddar and Monterey jack. The simplest of breads is just a white sandwich bread.

A large loaf of buttermilk white bread right out of the oven. Fry it up slowly. This allows the cheese to melt inside without turning the outside into a charcoal bricket. Then just serve on a fun plate with your favorite wish book.  YummsterI


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