Onion garlic soup

My dad reminded me recently about onion garlic soup.  He mentioned it in refrence to what to eat when you are sick.

I have a little issue this morning so I am making some.  It starts with chicken broth or stock. Your favorite grocery brand or home made are both good for this. ( I am home all the time so I have time to make stock from scratch. It is a bear to make but totally worth it if you have the time.) Pour enough stock to fill your stock pot half way.

In the stock I cook 2 pounds of chicken pieces until just done, we like legs and thighs.  Once cooked I remove the meat to cool. Remove the meat from the bones.

While stock continues to simmer add 2 large yellow onions diced and 6 minced garlic cloves. Simmer in stock until almost dissolved in the liquid.

Do not make the make my mistake.  I salted the soup before I simmered the veggies down.  This condenses the salt level.  Making the soup uber salty.

If you do, add a little cream to each serving of the final product. It will correct the salt without deluteing the soup.


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