Walmart conundrum

We went to Walmart EARLY this morning.  Just like we used to in Sanford. LOVE IT!  I was  in the nail polish isle talking to a lady there.  We disussed the merrits  of matte vs glitter and gloss vs high shine.

She picked up a shiney silver polish, saying "I wonder what this looks like on?"  As it happens I was wearing that very polish.

I pulled my mittens off to show her.  My freshly manicured nails shining in the florecent light.

Checking them out she said "Oh. . . " . Then quietly she slid the silver polish back on the shelf.  LOL!

I laughed til I thought I would burst.  That was NOT the reaction the brother had.

I told him of my little expeience.  The one I thought so funny. His rection was not at all what I expected.

He gave me this look that clearly said 'That is what you get for talking to strangers'

Now I ask you. . . Is this as funny as I think it is?  Answer in the comments if you feel like it.


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