Another Julia Sugarbaker moment!

As mentioned, we ordered pizza last.  I love good pizza!  What we had last night was just short of good pizza.

We ordered from a company that was new to us. They shall remain unamed, but they were a smaller chain with restaurants in a few states.

We ordered a hand tossed all meat pizza and  a thin & crispy combo. The crust on both pizzas was flabby and doughy. Even the crispy crust was flabby.

Even as an unskilled pizza cook I am aware that the standard baking rules do NOT apply! Most bread bakes are done at 350 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes. Pizza dough is a bread product but the thinner mass allows for a quicker bake at a much higher temp.  It looks to me their ovens are set  WAY too  low.

Pizza ovens routinely run at tempuratures from 700 to 900 degrees. That kind of heat will bake a pizza in eight minutes. Crisp crust, melty cheese, meats and veggies cooked to perfection.

Fortunately I know how to turn a normal household oven into a makeshift pizza oven. You need one oven and two pizza stones.

Place one rack on the upper level.  Place the second rack about eight inches below. Place a pizza stone on each rack.  Turn the oven on as high as it will go. Preheat for an hour.

When the oven had preheated we slid the leftovers onto the bottom rack. Ten minutes later. The pizza we thought we were getting in the first place. Crisp tender hand tossed and a thin & crispy that keeps its shape. Melty cheese for all!

Next time we want pizza we'll just cook!

Next time we aren't up to it. . .? We'll get drive through chicken.


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