Good day

Nice day yesterday.  Even though my lungs still have a little mucus, my doctor visit went well.  Still losing weight.  All my numbers are good.

Happily, we went on to get me a hair cut. I am adorable again.

On the way home we decided neither of us were in the mood to cook.  Red rover red, rover sednd the pizza delivery guy right over!

Meat lovers, mine and supream for Charles.  Coulda been better, but so easy! Lol! 

Best of all?  I slept all the way through the night! Zzzzzzzz!


John Curtiss said…
Good to hear about your good day and night!
Had bad few dsys myself but now my numbers are up and getting chemo now!! , Cathy
Mercy Toshach said…
Cathy, I hope the numbers continue to do well!

I seem to remember your chemo was going pretty well too. As far as side effects go anyway. Hope that is still true.

Keep up the good work!

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