3-bean salad update

I was making another batch of 3-bean salad to snack on. As I got to the vinegarett I noticed the apple cidar vinegar was in a bottom shelf and in a gallon jug.

The cold weather has my hands acting up and my whole body on the weak side.  With visions of a whole gallon of spiled vinegar dancing in my had I decided to us another more easily reached vinegar.

The raspberry flavored white basalmic Charles likes on his salads.  All good things start off as an experiment, right?

I used the balsamic and quickly decided my Mema would have LOVED IT!  With the Splenda, or  sugar, already in the recipe the addition of a little raspberry basalmic did not go amiss.

This is currently my favorite snack food.  I can eat enough to feel satisfied without the guilt.


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