SOOO tired of my hair!

I have dyed my hair all my adult life.  About a year ago I decided not to anymore.  What a depressing idea.

I have been blonde,  I have been a 'Lucille Ball' red head. I have been a brunette.  I have had deep auburn hair to my waist. Lastly I had the blackest of black hair.

I let the black grow out. Since my hair is short it only took a few weeks. The gray grew in. Yuck.

Now I have lived with this over a year.  No more.  While this started as a practical decision. Easing the stress on my time. It soon turned into a depressive vision when ever I looked into the mirror. Then it occured to me. . .this is the one depression instigator I can actually change.

Things are looking up.  The gray is gone. Long live the new me!

Ain't I cute?

The golden strawberry blonde is here to stay. I may just be what I should have been born with. With my blue eyes and lovely freckels it works. 

I had forgotten how dyeing my hair effected it.  It is much fuller. 

Now to get my hair shaped up. 


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