I can relate!

I have never have had a TV show effect me to the point I had to turn it off.  'My big fat fablous life' had me relating so much I had to turn it off.

Whitney Thore is a beautiful large woman celebrating her life her dreams, her size and her body. She is also a suffer of PCOS. PolyCystic Ovaries Syndrome.

PCOS is a genetic disorder that is passed from mother to daughter.  My mother only had a mild case. Lucky me. . .I have a severe case.

The things that can be sypomatic of  PCOS are 3 types of female cancer, infertility, massive obesity, an inability to loose weight, hair in places it shouldn't be and excess of calcium. There are more things that are attached to this disorder but i can't remember them all.

Like Whitney, I have suffered from the weight issues of this syndrome. At one time I was over 500 pounds.  Whitney, bless her, is 380 pounds.

Whitney deals with the people in her life that refuse to understand that this is not something she is in control of or that it is not something she can just undo much more graciously than I ever did. Even if   they were family or friends or just strangers suffering from public stupidity, she is long-suffering.

Listening to people assume that her weight will keep her from being likable or lovable. Suggesting that she couldn't possibly be loved passionately enough to ever be married was like a flashback from my life.

In my mind I heard some of the men in my life telling me the I was LUCKY to be with them as I was so fat no one else would ever have me. I heard the women I have known say how pretty my face was. Such a shame I couldn't control my eating. It was then that I had to turn away.

I hope, I hope, I HOPE her doctors have talked to her about metformin It is the only thing that has remotely helped me loose some weight.  Weeeell. . . that is not strictly true. At my highest weight I was diagnosed with some horrible illnesses.  The treatments left my body in several states of malfunction.  Each of these have caused weight loss. In the years since that diagnosis I have lost well over 200 pounds.

Recently my doctor put me on a med called metformin. She swears we talked about the effect it has on PCOS.  But it didn't hit me til I went back 2 months later.  Twenty-seven pounds were gone without even trying. I am hoping Whitney's doctors are as on the ball as mine.

Sic em, girl!


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