Rebel me

Sometimes I just cannot bring myself to follow a recipe as written. I bought a nice pre-brined brisket for corned beef.

The problem I have now is the next step. It says to boil this beautiful piece of meat with pickling spices. I just couldn't.

Every recipe online or in any of my books was the same. Boil it for HOURS!  Intellectually I understand that most corned beef in the world is boiled, but I just can't.

I remembered watching a tv show in which it was braised in the oven. (Don't say it. . I know it is just oven boiling :P). So I plopped the meat in a large pot and covered it in broth. Chicken and pork broth.

I brought the temp up on the stove then tucked it in a 300 degree oven for three hours.  The result was so much richer than the boiled corned beef I had made years ago. Yea I boiled it once. I have been looking for a better way ever since.

Tender and rich it makes a great meal and a great sammie. I am very happy!

Braised corned beef on white with spicy mustard


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