Yesterdays bake

 This is

Yesterdays bake.  White bread and everything bread. I made a loaf of dill rye too. But it didn't last long we had left over roast beef and Swiss cheese. A few sammies later and there's not much left of that loaf. Lol!

Will bake a little more today. What I call a 'thin mint' cake.  Dark rich chocolate cake. Frosted with lots of chocolate mint buttercream.  I am also thinking I might make a recipe from King Arthur Flour. 

It's called big batch dinner rolls.  The problem with big batch is it makes LOTS of rolls. I usually make them for cook outs and parties.  This time I think I will just make the dough to freeze.  Thaw individual rolls for dinner and there will be more for later in the week or the month or for 6 months.  I love hot bread with a meal.

I can't eat the whole wheat version of these rolls. However Charles ❤️ them.  So l'll be making a batch of those for the freezer n the next few days.  Boy! Bake bake bake!


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