Frozen memories

Back 12 maybe 15 years ago I spent a lot of time with my friends grandsons.  I believe the were 9 and 12 at the time.

My lunch reminded me of them.  Sausage lasagna.

Both the boys love lasagna.  And asked if i would be making it, every time i visited.  The youngest liked it as it came out of the oven.  Cooled just a little but with the cheeses still gooey.

His older brother had his almost the same.  Except. . . He loaded it with 'the stuff from the green can'!  Krafts grated parmigian.

I had made a big pan of the lasagna several months ago and froze indiviual servings.  These are ones I thawed for lunch this weekend.  They represent the brothers very nicely don't you think?  LOL!

It freezes really well and is a great treat!  It also makes a nice frozen memory.


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