A McD run

Because of either health or finances I have not been able to get out of the house in several months. The only places I have been in that time has been doctors offices and Walmart since probably April. Oh and there was a run to the craft stores for a wedding basket.

I have been in this house for so long I am loosing my good humor!  I have been feeling sad and weepy and worthless. So tired of it! So I did something about it. I hit the local McDonald's for breakfast.

I got up early today. I took all my meds and was feeling pretty well. So about 7:15 am I decided to take the risk.  I hit the road on my power chair. There is a  very busy road between me and McD.

The good thing about very early weekend mornings?  Everyone sleeps in.  So there was little traffic on the road or in the restaurant.  I was there safely and quickly.

I have become addicted to the yogurt parfait and smoothies at McD. However I got up craving biscuits and gravy this morning.

Biscuits & gravy and a large cup of coffee. I was on cloud nine!  (We have been out of coffee for a week now, it's a wonder I haven't killed someone! Lol!)

What helped even more. . . There was a nice young man who sat at a table near me.  He offered to help with my tray and began a conversation.  He talked to me the entire time we ate. Mostly about his family and his cat.  It was so so so nice! This means so very much! 

I think I feel some better now.

Thanks McDonalds! 


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