Knitting: Lady LOVES it, Trixie HATES it!

Wow!  Such a difference of opinion!  Knitting, a seemingly boring pass time.  I love it! But our dogs have very different ideas.

Trixie had a bad encounter with knitting needles.  When I started knitting again All I had in the house was a 14 inch pair of single pointed needles.  So I was knitting small things out of the yarn I had in the house.

The extra long needles were a little ungainly and poor Trixie, sitting close to my side, got booped in the head.  Now she sees all knitting needles as an attacker.  Trixie thinks I am, as I knit, fending off an attacker.

Lady, however, loves my knitting.  If I leave my knitting out and unattended she claims it as her own.  Truly.  

This is the hood I made earlier this year. As you can see Lady approves. She also approves of the blanket I am knitting now.  I don't have any pictures of her with the work in progress.  Because I spend most of my time getting it away from her.  Lol!

Happy knitting!



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