Still knitting our blanket.

The last 3 weeks I have been knitting and knitting and knitting.  A cotton blanket for the living room. I am still surprised at how beautifully it is coming along.

It will be another three to four weeks before I finish it.  Still it is three feet wide and over two feet long at this time.

Everyone that sees it is so impressed.  I have had several requests for one! The pattern is so very pretty.

When this is finished I will start Moms hood. I'm still waiting on her yarn. Until then I am happy to continue this. And make some 'chemo caps' to share with the doctors office and the hospital where I was treated. 

I made my first baby hat Saturday. Just to be sure I could make the hats well.  A stunning blue. A cotton and wool blend.  Ain't it cute?

The practice will keep me on my toes. I hope!


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