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During my last round of doctors visits I discovered a few things I did not know about colitis in general and my condition in particular.  I have had to cogitate about this a while. After cogitation I think there may be others who missed this information. So here goes.

WARNING! This conversation may get a tad gross.   Proceed at your own risk. Lol!

Ulcerated colitis:  inflamed and bleeding colon.  In all the years I have been dealing with this I have just now clicked to a condition most sufferers deal with.  Dehydration and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

This side effect can be as debilitating and even as deadly as the colitis itself.  In severe cases, such as mine, the amount of fluids lost due to massive bouts of diarrhea is incredible. All day and all night diarrhea.  For me it can be up to 40 times in 24 hours.

This has left me in what one doctor called a constant state of dehydration. He described it as if a runner were running in 80 degree heat constantly.  The fluid leaving your body takes with it all the water soluble nutrients with it.

Now I was aware I had a few deficiencies. Magnesium, vitamins b12, b6, folic  acid and vitamin c.  There is also the matter of my sodium deficiency. Yep! Me. . . Sodium deficient.

Anyone who knows me knows I consider sodium, aka salt, a food group! Lol! Now for the first time in my life not one of my doctors are concerned about my salt intake. Because even as much as I eat in my food I am still sodium deficient . . . badly.

In recent years we have heard of celebrities dealing with and even expiring from colitis and its effect on the body.  Glen Frey, lead singer of the Eagles, to name one.

As I have mentioned I have my own tasty way to deal with sodium deficiency.  HEEE! HEEE! HEEE!  But the rest I have been working on with supplements. As of last blood tests it is slowly getting better.  Just not enough and not permanently.

Keep working on it guys!  Do your best and find something to brighten your heart, or the stress will make your blood pressure give you a fit!

Today my happy thought is rainy day photos!

P. S. :  with more research there is more to be added to our knowledge.  The condition, the dificiencnies, effect another condition most of us have. . .inflammation.   This is made much much worse with the dehydration. Much much more painful! just moving becomes agony.  The bodies ability to heal injury is badly inhibited. Edema, swelling, in the extremities increases as the body tries to hold onto the water that's left. 

As the body dries up. So does the brain. What I was calling 'chemo brain' may actually be caused by dehydration. Increasing water intake is supposed to help. Not so far. But I am still trying!


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