Charles has done it again! I am so full!

I love when my brother grills! He is so good at it. Bless him, he keeps me on my high protein diet!  Lol!

Charles has a large collection of techniques to draw from.  It is never boring when he cooks. I only made the green beans and and gravy. Then I forgot to strain the gravy! Rats!

I wish there was some dessert.  I have been craving Swedish nut cake recently.  I got to check to see if I have all the ingredients.  I'll make a big one and freeze half.  

It is such a great flavor. Pineapple and pecans with a creamy icing that goes on while the cake is still very warm.  Love It! 

Thanks Aunt Sissy! My Aunt Sissy is the one that introduced me to this cake.  One of my favorite memories with her.

Thanks Aunt Sis!


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