Ratzum-fratzum ratzum-fratz!!!

I HATE being at the mercy of computers!  The computers at my mail order pharmacy and my bank have conspired to wipe out my checking account.  AAARRRRRG!

My pharmacy tried to charge my bank account $476.00 for an $8.00 prescription!  Of course my bank wiped out my account by trying to pay the draft.  Then they charged me an overdraft fee!

Neither noticed the discrepancy or tried to contact me. The only reason I know about it at all is because I am a hyper vigilant insomniac.

I discovered it when, at 2:AM, I checked on a payment that's due. From 2-4 AM I was on the phone trying to figure this out.

While both the pharmacy and the bank agree it's not my fault, they cannot refund the abducted money
 until there has been a thorough investigation by both computers!  This should be fun!

Maybe not so much fun as making me angry enough to hulk out! AAAAAAArRRRRG!


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