Giving back

Anyone that keeps up with my blog knows I have been dealing with colon cancer, chemo and the after effects of both. For the last year I have also been dealing with medical people in our community.  They are wonderful.

Since I am knitting therapeutically I thought chemo caps might be something I could do to help my fellow patients and their medical teams.  Ther patterns come in several styles and a few scarves too.

So I have been trying to stock up on a few for my next oncologists visit.  Check em out.

Two kitten ear beanies, two adult ski caps, two infant caps and one newborn.  A knitted bunny too.

The smaller caps were practice for the larger ones.  There is a nicu as well as a children's center locally.  I may take them there.

The hospital where I had my chemo may get a bunch as I knit on. I am gonna try some knitted toys too. Simple bunny first.

I have a few patterns for teddy bears too. Will be trying them soon


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