Daddy and me day

Mom and Charles spent the day in Raleigh. So I had Daddy to myself all day.  We made apple fritters and talked all day.

The fritters were dipped in 'Georgia' cane syrup glaze.  (The syrup is really from Louisiana. Don't tell Daddy!) The conversation was about friends, family and adventures.

One memory was about our cousin Don. Don married my dads cousin Becky, so he and Dad did some adventuring together. They often didn't know they were going adventuring. It just turned out that way.

Once they were going fishing. All they caught was a couple very young raccoons. What did our intrepid adventurers do?
With a blanket for comfort they put them in the trunk and drove them home. Once home they called Becky out to see the cute catch.  They fling opened the trunk . . . No raccoons. A shredded blanket, but no raccoons!

Then peeking out from behind the panel support the tiny coons proclaimed their intention to never, EVER, come out. Such a problem. Dad needed to go home. Preferably not in a coon infested coupe. What to do? What to do?

Don threw Beckys small fiest/terrier dog into the trunk. The ensuing game of 'king of the coupe'  produced the coons unharmed.  Becky being the only truly adult adventurer in this trio convinced the guys to return the young coons to the woods.

I am sure it took her a while to get this done.  I can hear them now.  'Awe Becky can't we keep em? Look, they are soooo cute!'

But being of the opinion that wildlife should live in the wild, Becky prevailed. I have been wondering how Dad  explained a coupe frame full of raccoon poo to my Grandma Nettie! Bet that was aromatic in a south Georgia summer! Lol!


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