Selfless nurse

Let me tell you about my little nurse, Trixie. My brother's rat terrier named Trixie has always been my caring, intuitive nurse since Charles opened his home to me.

This morning the pain from my hip and my Colon has my had my blood sugars up so i am on a protein only day.  Charles had grilled a whole family pack of chicken breasts last night. Yuuuummy! That was what I was eating when Trixies nurse came out.

Both the dogs were crying to go out. I set my lunch aside and took BOTH dogs with me to go out.  I got Trixie in her harness and turned to get Lady set up.  

The next thing i know Trixie is trotting in with my chicken breast. She laid it down beside me on the love seat. Then gave me a look that clearly said 'Finish you lunch'. No nibbles or gnashes in the meat.  She didn't eat any of it!

Under normal circumstances we would not have even been able to FIND Trixie until she had finished the whole thing!  She didn't even lick up the bbq sauce i was dipping in! 

I have never EVER seen her do this before! Especially now.  Since her pancreas problems she is on kibble and water.  

Now that is love and selflessness! Nurse Trixie RULES!

  Nurse Trixie on duty!


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