Johnny Harris BBQ sauce

Over the weekend the brother smoked a pork shoulder.  He asked if we had the stuff to make a BBQ sauce to go with it.  I remembered a recipe I had stumbled across a few days earlier.

When we were growing up we visited Savannah Georgia every summer.  We were born there and still have family there.  During these visits we always went, at least once, to Johnny Harris' BBQ.  
Johnny Harris BBQ Sauce

To this day their BBQ sauce is one of our favorites.  So when I found The recipe written our mother's hand, on a calender page from 1960. . . I had to make it.

Now I am sharing it with you.

As you can see this makes enough to keep a restaurant going for a few days.  However it scales down for home use very easily.

For full disclosure, we added cracked red pepper to this recipe for some heat and zing.



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