Way too quiet

Mom and Daddy had to leave last Friday. I think I may have worn them out! So sorry.

But the girls, Trixie and Lady, and I have noticed how incredibly quiet this house is without them. Both TVs blaring and I can still hear the quiet.

I'm at the bottom of a very cute dog pile . . . .again! The girls are consoleing themselves with controlling my range of motion.

 Trixie and Lady seem to be of the opinion that I have no real need to move.  Trixie  parks herself on my chest, growling at me should I even THINK of moving. Lady is a little laid back. I think she figures as long as she has my legs pinned down she is in control.  

Well, they DO think they are great danes. Too bad they are really teeny, tiny rat terriers. Lol! 


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