Trixie having a hard time right now!

Sorry I have not written to y'all.  Between my health and Trixies we have been all tied up. A few nights ago our Trixie began an odd behavior.  She started to spin.

She spun at full speed. Over and over and over.  Then as dizzy as she could possibly be, Trixie flops down to settle her equilibrium.  Only to get up and spin out again.

After a trip to the vet she is some better. She still walks like a drunken sailor, falling repeatedly. I am so worried. The vet called it vestibular disease. It is a problem that usually occurs in older dogs.  Trixie is thirteen.  That is 91 in dog years.

Everything I read says this can be permanent or come and go. We are praying for intermittent symptoms.  Very intermittent!

Queen Trixie Toshach! Ruler of our home. 


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