Riding with me

Trixies equilibrium is still giving her problems.  I can relate. My legs often give out from under me. So I fall. .. a lot! A bad hip. Hence I use an electric wheelchair.  Today I shared my wheels with Trixie.

 When I walk the dogs  I put Lady on her leash and tuck Trixie inside my warm coat and out we go!  

I wondered if  I would know when she was ready to get down and do her business. No problem. When she saw a place she liked she just wiggled a little. I put her down. 

When she had finished and sniffed around enough Trixie put her front paws onto the foot board of my chair. I tucked her back into my coat where she settled in. Trixie was warm and comfortable while Lady wondered around at her leisure. 

I was thinking of getting a new coat. This one has gotten a lot too big.  But today I decided it was just  the right fit for our girl and me.


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