Gonna knit again

Two of my doctors have been encouraging me to take up my knitting again.  My hands are losing their strength. The very reason I stopped knitting is bringing me back to the craft. Apparently knitting and crochet are good and safe exercise for the hands.

Unfortunately I sold all my supplies. eBay here I come! I prefer to use natural fibers. Cotton, wool, linen, bamboo and silk are my faves. There are also blends of these are also available.  Locally these are very dear. But on eBay I can deal directly with the manufacturers and pay a fraction of the price.

Once upon a time I knitted sweaters, scarves, hats and mittens regularly. Truthfully I have been wishing for a few of my knitted things recently.

These are the last of my hand knitted items. They are faded some but otherwise still in good shape. I wear them every winter. The mittens are lined with fleece and so warm.

 I think I will start with a scarf. I have a couple of capes that could benefit from a long scarf. As I say my hands are in some trouble so this may take a while. Pictures of future projects will be posted.


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