Ok World Wide Web you are confusing me! The things I was reading at first about Trixies condition, vestibular syndrome, held out little hope for a complete cure. Just remitting occasionally only to come back as bad as before.

Now I have found a website that says it should only last two weeks at the most. I know you will all forgive me if I hope this is the right one. I suspect the truth lies some where in the middle of all that.

Here's hoping Trixie doesn't supper too long.  She doesn't hurt at all but she is very frustrated. Trixie pushes through the dizziness and falling without a complaint.

I will say, Trixie has absolutely no problem with all the attention. Sleeping nightly with her dad.  Riding in Aunt Mercys wheelchair when her balance is way off. Lady, however, is not amused.

Always a jealous bug the amount of attention Trixie is getting with this illness has Lady begging for as much attention as possible. Awwwwww!  Love you too Lady Bug!

Poor Lady!  She was kinda feeling left out. Charles and I have both been working to make sure this pretty dog is well loved too.

Love our dogs!!! 


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