Over did it . . . Again!

Yesterday started so well.  But as usual I did too much on the good day.  Very little pain, my mind was working well and my hands were cooperating.  That always inspires me to do too much.  Not only that I didn't rest enough. When I finally sat down I crashed.

I told the brother to wake me when he got home and I would warm dinner.  When he tried to wake me I think I may have growled at him! So sorry bro!

I may have been hanging out with the dogs too much.  They both growl in their sleep all the time. Lady especially, I don't touch her when she is in super dream mode. When she starts to bare those teeth and growl I call her til she wakes up.  Then and only then do I touch her.

But that is only when they are in mid dream. Any other time they are our little angels. 

I, on the other hand, fell asleep mid browse with my iPad on my chest. So today I trying to do things in steps.  Yesterday I got several things done in my room. The laundry, the recycling and decluttered some. Then I did the kitchen.  Then I crashed.

This morning I knew I would need bread in the next 2 days. So I made the dough for two loves and put it in the fridge to proof for 24 hours . They will bake tomorrow.  I will make 2 more doughs to proof.

Now I am heading to bed for some rest. Trixie has been trying to get to lay down for an hour now.  Doggie knows best!


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