Trixie getting better, my turn at the doctor!

Trixie is more stable everyday.  (For those of you who don't know Trixie is our 13 year old Rat terrier) Waves of vertigo still hit her every once in a while,  She is getting her prance back.  She is also getting her sass back!

She looks sassy to you right? Now I have a little bummer!

After a particularly rough bout of vomiting I noticed a largeish knob protruding from my abdomen. After today's visit to the GI doctor I feel a good bit better. 2 small hernias instead of a cancerous mass. Whew!

The doctor says there is no need to go to surgery. Yippee!  We will keep an eye on it.  If it changes we will talk about it again.  

I guess we are both better. Not too bad for a Tuesday. Lol


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