Winter weather alert!

In this area of the the country we seldom have more than a dusting of snow and ice. We are closer to the ocean than the rest of the state so our weather, even the winter, is milder here.

So when we get a winter weather alert that calls for up to 5 niches on Saturday, we panic a little. There will be a run on bread and milk at the grocery tonight.  Everyone will try to stock up on the way home.

I wonder if we can get through this without a power outage. Hurricane Matthew left a LOT of the area in the dark.  The Ice can do that to us too.

It's noon here and it is still a 35 degree wind chill.  So Trixie and I have busted out our winter gear.

This is Trixie winter coat. Ain't she a cutie?

This is my faux fur winter wrap and my faux fur hat with an attached scarf.  Trixie and I will be styling in the snow.  Lady?  Unlike Trixie, Lady has a very heavy natural coat. She won't be effected by the cold till it gets well down into the twenties.  Whe she does get cold we have coat for her too. It matches Trixies.  


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