A good doctor visit gone agri-provoking!

Don't you just hate it when a great doctors visit turns into a lecture? Me too! I had just found out I had lost 22 pounds in the last 60 days, my numbers were all good, then it happened. The lecture.

I happened to mention I was still so exhausted, a side-effect of the chemo. I asked if I should've been feeling some better. I know the last several months have been a big deal on my mind and body but surely my energy level should be up a little. Right? Well apparently not!

The lecture went on and on.

Take it easy.
Yes Dr.
 Don't over do it.
But just a little?
No! Are you still watching how much you lift?
Yes Dr. but...
No! Didn't we tell you it would take months?
Yes Dr.
Ok. It will get better, eventually.
Yes Dr. . .Eventually.

Grumble! Grumble! Fuss! Fuss!

I think both the dogs agree with the doctor. They never get tired of spending the entire day in bed!


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