Grits with Mom

I made creamy cheesy cheddar grits for breakfast today. Just add a little cream and a lot of cheddar to grits. So goooood!

While throwing this together I flashed back to Saturday morning breakfast with Momma.  Mom used to supe up the dish. I Learned to temper eggs making grits with Mom.

When she wanted to add more protein to breakfast she would finish by tempering some beaten eggs by stirring small amounts of hot grits to the beaten eggs.  Add the tempered eggs to the pot of grits. A thicker richer texture was the result.

Today I made the cheddar grits. Cream and seriously sharp white cheddar added to the grits. Rich and luscious.

I love cheese grits but they need a little something to top them off. Lawerys seasoning salt. To me it is just the right touch.

I am stuffed! I had two helpings! Yummster!


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