The chase

Because of physical and mechanical restrictions, I am unable to walk the dogs in the rain.  About 1:30 am this morning it was raining.  RATS!!

In the middle of the rain storm Trixie was doing a dance on my chest that always says 'Got to go. . .NOW!'.  So up I get!

Now, at 1:30am I am not repeat NOT, waking Charles.  He works like a mad man to to keep us safe and happy.  He deserves his sleep.

That being said I figured I could just let them out the back door to do their business.  Hopefully, they would do it in a hurry and get back in away from the rain.

What is the quote? 'The best laid plans of mice and men'?  My plan didn't include the local stray cat showing up at that moment.  

It was really quiet.  Not a bark or a hiss. Just the sound of three animals picking em up and putting em down. Oh and me screaming 'BAD DOG! stupid cat.  BAD DOG!'.

By the time I got my canes and was about to give chase here comes Lady.  A huge smile on her face.  You could almost hear her thoughts.

Guardian of the night
'Yep, I chased that cat away!  All is safe again.  Your welcome!'  She bounced past me into the house.  

I closed the door and turned back to find Trixie, on her belly crawling toward me. A look of repentance on her face.

'I am SO sorry!  I don't know what came over me.  I couldn't help myself.  I will never, EVER, do it again!'  As she reached the patio where I stood Trixie rolled over on her back.  A new look on her face. 'Still mad?  Gotta Love me!  Gotta love me!'

I checked them both for signs of damage.  No wounds.  No blood, their own or that of anyone else.  Also no sign of the cat.  Must have put it's running gear on and got the heck out of dodge!



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