Mom's sewing machine

Moms Singer

 In the spring of 1956 my Mom and Dad were expecting their first child. Me. 

That same spring Dad bought Mom a sewing machine. Model No. 99 Singer.  She made maternity and baby clothes.  Over the years she made an assortment of things.  I remember a floor length skirt in black jacquard.  For a party at Dads company.  She was lovely in her hand made skirt and an off white blouse with the pleated collar.

In ninth grade she taught me to sew. On her Singer. All through high school I supplemented my allowance with purses and hats I made from old jeans. Through my years I have sewed clothes for myself and friends.  On Moms Singer.  

This last few days the the old thing is in service again.  It was dusty and seized up.  A little elbow grease, wd40, and it was up and sewing again.

Trixies new coat
Two extra snugly doggie rain coats for the winter.  As well as a warm cape for me to walk the dogs.


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