Savannah Red Rice

Although I was born in Savannah GA, I haven't lived there since I was 2 years old.  I have however a large influence of that old city in my life.  The surrounding area as well.

My dads family were from Guyton a little ways out of Savannah.  My mom was from Savannah proper.  We visited both sides of the family every year.  

I remember all kinds of southern foods that were prominent in those homes.  Sea food and BBQ.  Low country boils and 3 bean salad (my fave).  Fried chicken and potato salad. Not to mention all the cakes and pies that sing to my heart.

Today I heard of for the first time a recipe that has apparently some fame in my home town.  Savannah red rice.

The chef I saw make it treated it as cross between jambalaya and Spanish Paella.  With smoked sausage and seafood in a heavily tomato base.  In  my subsequent research I have found that it has a meatless incarnation as well.  

With a little more research I hope to try this in the near future.  It sound like just the thing to warm a cool North Carolina evening.

Will keep you in the loop.


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