Saturday dinner

 Saturday is Charles grilling day.  Last nights dinner was a supreme example of his grilling prowess.

He made a beef shoulder roast.  This cut is new to us and is probably a less tender cut to begin with.  Even so it was awesome!  So juicy and tender!

Isn't almost too pretty to eat? Almost!  Lol!  I ate all I could. I was stuffed.  

I contributed my green beans and and turnip greens for sides. Gravy too.

It can only be improved by corn bread.  Which I forgot last night. I will get it whipped up before leftovers are served tonight.

And as usual one of our dogs is waiting for me to drop some food. Poor Trixie girl.  My hand held up today. No dropsies!  Sorry Trixie!

So disappointed with me! Poor Trixie Doodle!


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