A so cute so quick knit.

A new friend has shared the cutest knitting pattern.  It only took 2 days to knit.  Even with my hands acting up.

The friend that shared this listed as Alec Aliminate on Google plus.  It is a a beanie.  The corners at the top make ears when you pull it on.  She has tiny Pom poms on the ears of hers but my Pom poms have disntigrated.  I will keep trying.

It is knitted straight and sewed up each side. The seams make the ears.  See the points?

When I was knitting this I thought it might be too small for my big fat head.  It worked just right on my big fat head!!!! Lol!  

Thanks so much for sharing Alec!  I have enjoyed this so much. Don't worry I'll get the Pom Poms soon!


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