Garden veggies ready for the next meatless meal

I have told y'all that we grew up with a back yard garden.  Charles plants a container garden on our patio every year.  The rewards of that effort has always given us  salad and veg all summer.

This morning we had cucumbers and plumb tomatoes from the patio.  I sliced the cukes with onions.  With a vinegar brine we have a family favorite.  The tomatoes I also marinated in the dressing for a Pop Pop salad.

There are leftover turnip greens and all the things I need to make cornbread.  I may even thaw a whole bag of pinto beans too. My brother enjoys a meatless meal every once in a while and I LOVE pintos pintos on corn bread.

So we are just right is either of us get a craving!  Lol!

Seems I feel a craving coming on!  LOL!


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