I ❤️ Knitting!!!

Several years ago I was an avid knitter.  It broke my heart when my hands got so bad I thought the best thing to do was stop knitting. So several years ago I did.

Recently my doctors suggested I start again. Happy days!!  Surprise! Surprise!  I actually am experiencing an improvement in both my hands.

As I have been working through old tools I found this yarn.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Sometimes blues get dull and lack luster as they get darker, not this one.  It's just so pretty.

I have just enough to knit up a simple ribbed ski cap.  It won't take but a couple days to finish.  As soon as I do,  all it will need is a blue eyed some one to wear it!

I am half way through the body of the cap.  Maybe I'll finish it up this evening. 


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