A knitted kitten pattern. Cute? Meh!

I found a pattern for a knitted toy. A kitten to be specific.  It is a very stylized pattern. You can tell it is a kitten but just barely.  My embroidery skills, such as they are, did NOT help.

Laughter is regretfully expected.

The head is so large it hides the chest and front legs. I feel it is somewhat out of proportion.  The pattern needs a rewrite.  Which I have done.

I am in the process of knitting up the new pattern in black wool.  The sizing is larger in all and the yarn is a bulky black wool.  And the needles are larger too. #10s.

The current kitten is made of MUCH finer 100% cotton. More on this yarn in a minute. The needles I used are #6 bamboo.  

The coco colored cotton yarn is also textured. Every 2 inches the is a larger flattened place that gives an unusual pattern to your work.

The pattern created by the yarn is loose and hard to stuff without a lining.  I stuffed a small piece of panty hose to use as a liner.  It didn't show as much.

If you like this yarn it is made byTahki yarns.  They call it 'Ripple' and the color is coco. It retails for around $9.00.  I found a lot of 4 skeins of a 142 yards each on eBay.

With shipping the entire lot was $12.50.   A considerable savings especially for 100% natural fiber.    The seller is patspalce1063.  Gotta love eBay!

Have a  knitty weekend!  


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