Mortal enemy!

This is my mortal enemy!  A crepe myrtle in bloom.  These are lovely to look at but I am an allergy suffer and these beauties are the bain of my existence.  

My eyes run as if I am weeping.  My sinuss stuff up like I have a two month cold.  My nose runs like it is being chased.  I ought to have stock in the company that makes Benadryl!

And this particular tree has an evil streak. It is the first to bloom and the last to stop blooming.  Where does this tree do its overachieving?  Right in front of my apartment.

Now this enemy is clever.  It looks as if it has finished its cycle. Just a few blooms remain.  But NOOOOO!  In a few days it will bloom again.   ARRRRRGGGGG!

Thankfully there is an escape.  The pool has only few crepe myrtles around.  They don't bloom as maliciously as the one at home.  Starting tomorrow I am gonna spend a few days at the pool.  

I have to alter my old bating suit tonight. I have lost about 80 pounds since I bought it.  It only has to suffice for a few days.  I found great swim suit sale.  Buy one get one free. So I got two.  They should be here before Thursday.  

Take that TREE!


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