I told you about dinner last night. I neglected to mention breakfast. Blueberry pancakes.  

My favorite pancake recipe is basic pancakes in the Joy of Cooking, the buttermilk version.  It works every time.

It takes flavorings and add ins without altering the texture or the rise. I just drop frozen blueberries in the batter immediately after it hits the griddle. A little powdered ginger and molasses for gingerbread pancakes.  Again sprinkle with candied pecans and bacon bits, one of my faves. 

Sometimes I will stir strawberry jam into the batter. I also make a warm strawberry compote instead of syrup.  This compote works best with frozen berries. Also one of my faves.

Oh yeah, I also use my gravy boats on pancake day. One for melted butter and one for warmed syrup. (Of course, being a good Georgia peach, I use cane syrup.) I have never understood putting cold butter and syrup on nice warm pancakes.

I usually have leftover pancakes to freeze. Not this time. We ate them all. Every little crumb. 


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