Screammmmmmm!  Ahhh thats better.  I needed that. My brain is starved for whatever it is that makes my mind function.  In this case I think it may be sleep.

For the second or third night in a row I have been up past my bed time. Tired and sleepy I tried to push it again tonight.

In the space of five minutes I went to the fridge to get my insulin. I came out with a syringe and a stick of butter.  Next I went to load the pan from my bread machine mixing the ingredients for TWO different recipes.  I dumped that out and decided to try again.  I should have known better

I got the recipe right I just forgot to put the pan back in BEFORE I loaded the machine.  I dare not touch anything else.  If I mess up again I don't know what will happen! I may just turn green and hulk out. No gamma radiation needed. No one wants that!


                                                                 YIKES! SCARY!

Told you we didn't want that. Ugh.


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